Huge Minox Binocular Sale

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    Dec 3, 2007
    Huge Minox Binocular Sale
    We have just gotten in more inventory of a few Minox Binoculars that we have had on sale and lowered the prices of a bunch of other binoculars.
    Here's a list of some of these great deals:
    Minox 8x33 HG Only $499.99
    Minox 8.5x43 HG Only $539.99
    Minox 10x43 HG Only $579.99
    Minox 8.5x52 HG Only $679.99
    Minox 10x52 HG Only $699.99
    Minox BD 8x44 BP Only $299.99
    Minox BD 10x44 BP Only $299.99
    Minox BF 10x42 BR Only $139.99
    Your Choice of Either the Minox BD 8.5x42 BR ASPH, Minox BD 10x32 BR ASPH or the Minox BD 10x42 BR ASPH for Only $349.99
    Minox BD 8x32 BR ASPH Only $274.99
    Minox BL 8x42 BR Only $274.99
    Minox BD 15x58 ED BR Only $549.99
    These are all new with full Minox lifetime no fault warranties. Please feel free to call with any questions. I will be out of the store from 8/23-8/30. Neil and Joel will once again be taking care of things in my absence.
    Thanks for all the support.