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    Mar 19, 2011
    Hay LRH's I'm RandyTheReloader and I am NEW to LRH.My longest kill is your shortest range at 305meters on a whitetail so far,but I am quick to learn.It started back in deer season 2008' when I got permission to hunt a 340ac farm in Grant Co.WV near Burlington.Landowner Todd K. had just put together a R700 SF J-lock Sendero 7mm RUM w/a Swarovski atop it.I was really taken aback looking at that beautiful rifle.Now I have the SFII in 7mm RUM w/Shepherd V1A 6-18x40 atop it bought March 2010.After trial and tribulation finding the right loading I'm there now.On 4/9/2011 I made a 550meter(V1A's drop circles are meter calibrated) shot 4" right,bull level,with a 2mph 90* left crosswind.She likes the Swift Scirocco 150's with 93gr H1000,and RP mag primer.I'm hoping to at least double that old kill distance this coming LRH season.I also use a Lecia 1600 Rangemaster for my field ballistic distance,and correlate that to the Shepherd circle system for ranging & holdover.A Caldwell Wind Wizard is my windage advisor.I have not done much posting here on LRH,but I do read it.As my LRH experience grows then maybe I'll peck somethin'.gun)My location is 39.562765N -78.411299W (use Google Maps or Google Earth is better...near Magnolia,WV...& IF ya wanna see my LRH tackle check out the provided link to hunt101 click MyPhotos.There's my 7mm RUM & Savage 10ML II's with Nikon BDC's...enjoy the sights. Hunting Pictures - Main Index[​IMG]

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