Homeland Secutity

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    Jan 6, 2008
    Wow, this department was created in 2001 in response to a lack of intel sharing by various agencies leading up to 9/11. The intent was that the new department would be a fusion center to insure all agencies had access to each others intel.

    It has now grown into a 20,000 man giant with a budget of 39.5 billion dollars. Obama stated he wanted his own private police force that is just as capable and well equipped as the US military.

    In light of the large ammo purchases and distribution of 2700 armored vehs, 17000 officers, fusion centers in every state police department etc. I would say this is the vehicle Obama intends to use to implement the Federal Civilian Police.

    We need to wake up and learn everything there is to know about this department. Our Senators and Reps need to be bombarded with letters, emails, and phone calls demanding an explanation for the proliferation and militarization of Homeland Security