Hodgon conundrum

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by SidecarFlip, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. SidecarFlip

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    Dec 12, 2011
    I'm having a Hodgon conundrum lately.... Looking over my powder inventory last night, I noticed that some Hodgon Powders are made in Australia (which is where I thought they were all made) and packaged in the United States, while others are made in the United States and package in the United States....

    I wasn't aware that they (Hodgon) had any manufacturing facilities in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

    I realized that Hodgon is part of ATK which owns other powder companies (IMR and I believe Allant) as well as RCBS and Federal Cartridge among others. I wonder if the Hodgon Powder that are made here in this country are actually another manufacturers powder or if they are made in another manufacturers facility and packaged as Hodgon Powder?

    Curious minds want to know and I'm starting to wonder about subsittution of one for another depending on availability.....

    To distill it a bit further, is Hodgon actually IMR or Allant in a different jug?, or vice versa.......

    Example, Lil Gun, Retumbo and H335 are made in America whereas, H1000, Varget and H322 are made in Oz, packaged here and I presume come in, in super sacks and get 'bottled' here, probably in some powder munitions plant.....
  2. Kevin Thomas

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    Feb 16, 2009
    You're close, but not quite "there." They have no manufacturing operations at all, in Shawnee Mission or otherwise. That's their home office, and that's precisely what it is; an office. They do have a packaging and shipping facility in Herrington, KS. Not quite the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from there. Good place for a powder operation.

    Powders shipped there in bulk are repackaged into those familiar little black bottles we all know and love so much. Yes, there is some overlap there. H414, for example is W-W 760, and HP-38 is nothing more (or less) than W-W 231. All great powders, whether they arrive in a black Hodgdon's bottle or a white Winchester Olin-St.Marks can. Much of Hodgdon's line was being made for them by ADI, which has since been sold to another concern, and may have been sold since then. Hard to keep track of these days.

    Actually very typical for this industry, and there's a lot of this sort of thing that goes on. Nothing to worry about, and you can get good information (and powder) from any of these sources. The product lines will normally stay the same, regardless of the title of the current producer. If there's any changes, the retailer (such as Hodgdon) will be the very first to let you know. Nothing to worry about.

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    Jan 8, 2013
    Interesting. I knew that H414 and ww760 were the same powder, but I didn't know the rest.

    I guess you do learn something new everyday.
  4. SidecarFlip

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    Dec 12, 2011
    What peaked my interest was when I was checking my inventory. I go through a lot of propellant, different propellants actually and a while ago I tried to consolidate to one manufacturer, which I did (for the most part because I'm addicited to Unique and have been for years) so I have quite a few 8 pound jugs in the powder locker (and a few 4 pounders of pistol propellants. When I get powder in, I date the jug with a green tipped marker on the lid so I can see whats older and newer and I got to looking at the jugs and saw the made in different countries.

    I've made the statement elsewhere on other threads that Hogdon was imported from Australia, but I'll retract that blanket statement. I never examined the jugs that closely before.

    Powder is really a misnomer. It's really extruded propellant but powder works.

    Kevin.... Very enlightening.
  5. MagnumManiac

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    Feb 25, 2008
    Being from Australia I can tell you that nearly all the powders that are extruded powders are made here for Hodgdon, ADI is still ADI, but it's owned by the French mob Thales. No ball powders are manufactured here. ADI manufacture these powders.
    That's all the rifle powders, I don't know what the equivalents are for their pistol powders, but if it's a round flake, it could be an ADI powder.

  6. SidecarFlip

    SidecarFlip Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2011
    That corresponds to the labeling on the jugs exactly (with the exception of the 50BMG powder which I don't use). Interestingly, the 322 is yours while it's brother, the 335 is ours. I have 8 pounds each way on that flavor.

    Quite an eye opener for me. I presumed (falsely) that it was all imported from Oz.

    I attributed the domestic lack of propellant as of late to supply chain economics where demand outstripped production and you can't just ramp up when your supply is coming from offshore.

    Sort of like pyrotechnics in a way. People here don't understand or realize that the firecrackers they buy for the 4th of July on the 2nd of July, actually came into the country 6 or 8 months prior in an overseas container.

    I envisoned powder to be of the same scenario. That don't explain the domestically produced end at all.

    I'm back to square one on that.