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    Jan 7, 2008
    Ok I figure if any knows this stuff you guys will. Not a long range rifle but anyway. I was given a 2 year old Browning Bar in 7 wsm from my brother. He got it as a a bonus and doesn't hunt much (only had 20 rds through it in 2 years)So I can't quite identify what kind it is it's obviously a bar in 7wsm .It looks like a lightweight stalker as it has open sights and thats the only stock like it on brownings page . It seems to either be a coated SS or chromelined can't tell which but browning doesn't show this option on their page. It's a flat black finish and the only thing shiny on it is the crown. Also gave it a good cleaning and cleaned pretty easy but when I went to sight it in it was kind of erratic for the first 10-15 rounds. I am used to cleaning every ten to twenty rounds and am thinking either a scope issue or it likes being dirty . The scope is a vxII 4-12 x50 that has always worked before. I ran out of ammo tonight (and shoulder). Also this thing has got to have the worst trigger ever It would creep and creep and then hit a wall and then creep some more probably broke around 8-9lbs if not worse . Was just wondering if there is an aftermarket trigger available for this thing? I kinda liked the idea of a dedicated deer rifle . Not good for much else but if I can't get it how I want I will probably give it back and use a different one. It also doesn't heat up much maube after 6-8 rounds it has to cool for a few minutes but pretty good for a pencil barrel.
    Thanks guys.