Hello from the Desert of SW Asia

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by rocknwell, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. rocknwell

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    Jul 7, 2011
    Hello all. my name is Micah. i'm in the Air Force and currently deployed. coming home in 3 weeks! anyway, i'm from Rapid City, South Dakota. I found this site due to my investigation of different rifles. i look forward to getting new information about rifles and i am highly interested in long-range shooting. i can shoot well (shot expert in M-16 qualifications), though i have never shot at (and hit) anything beyond 200 yards (Air Force simulates actual distances simply by making targets smaller). i'm trying to educate myself as well as pososible while deployed. anyway...can't wait to get back, get a new gun, and start shooting and hunting!
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    Aug 15, 2009
    Welcome to this site and thanks for serving our country. Keep us posted on you new gun as it is developed.