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    Jan 14, 2009
    Hi All. I am interested in reloading ammo and seek your advice on outstanding progressive reloading equipment for metallic cartridges. I have 4 progressive reloaders; 2 for shotshells and 2 for metallic (both Dillons; a 450 that I have used for quite a while and a 650 that I purchased 4 years ago but is still new in the box and unused).

    I have seen a few comments ini other areas that indicates some discontent with a Dillon 650, but I haven't read of why one may be dissatisfied with theirs.

    I purchased the 650, principally to reload 45acp and 223. I use the 450 for 38/357 but more recently I have had primer problems whereby it seems to dump several primers out when the knob is pulled back. I have read the instruction manual for the 450 and note a primer adjustment screw in which I have changed its' relative position, but it still dumps several primers at times.

    Wondering if I should continue with the new 650? Also wondering if I can adjust the primer portion of the 450 to feed only one primer to the primer holder without spillage.

    Any thoughts would be valuable to me.

    Thank you.......
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    Welcome to Long Range Hunting.

    I copied your post over into the Reloading Forum as you'll get far better results over there. I also left it here so members will know that we have another new member.:)