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    Jun 29, 2005
    heavy gun weight is 60 lbs. with a 36 inch broughton 5-c barrel 1-11 twist that is 1.450 o.d with 3 inch o.d brake. its in a 9-1/2 inch barrel bock and sits in a mcmillan 50-H stock with lead added to stock. action is a rem 700 that has been trued and the bolt sleeved and a light weight fireing pen added with a heavy spring,and a jewell trigger its a 334 neck 300 win mag comes with 100 peices of new norma brass thats had all the work done to the brass. burger 210 gr bullets. redding seater die and neck die. t-36 weaver scope front rest and adj rear rests rifle has never been shot its new light gun has a 31-inch broughton 5-c 1-11 twist barrel with brake and the gun is 17 lbs. its a tracker stock has a rem 700 action thats been trued and bolt sleeved light weight fireing pen jewell trigger 334 neck comes with 100 peices of norma brass and its also a 300 win mag.front rest and rear bag.email for pictures.also has a t-36 scope and the action is in a action sleeve with 20 moa on the rail. email me for pictures litarex@msn.com price $5000.00 contact nadine parry