Global Gun Control Threat !!!

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    This morning btw......

    As we face the prospect that Hillary Clinton will sign the Arms Trade Treaty, establishing first-ever UN gun controls, those of us who believe in the Second Amendment need to gear up for a tough battle this fall.
    But there is a good prospect of victory.

    We have to realize that once the ink is dry on Hillary’s signature, there are only two ways to beat the Treaty and its threat of UN imposed gun control – take back the Senate or beat Obama.
    The fact that the NRA has succeeded in getting fifty-eight Senators to sign on opposing the Treaty is irrelevant. If Harry Reid won’t bring it up on the floor, it won’t get a vote. And, in the absence of Senate disapproval or a renunciation by the president, the United States is bound by the Treaty under the provisions of the Vienna Convention which we have both signed and ratified.
    Nor will the Second Amendment offer us any protection. The Supremacy Clause in our own Constitution provides that treaties are the “law of the land” akin to a constitutional provision.
    The answer is to beat Obama and give the Republicans a majority in the Senate. Either will suffice to kill the Treaty. A Republican majority leader would certainly bring the Treaty up for a vote and it would certainly be defeated, ending its power over the U.S. and a President Romney will doubtless renounce the Treaty on taking office.

    From the Morris website..... The NRA is informing it;s members as usual....

    Hillary needs to go.

    The thing that bothers me about all this is one, the continual and underhanded onslaught on the Second Amendment by the current administration on different fronts.... like the attack on MacMillan....

    People in this country (especially gin owners) need to realize and act on what the administration is attempting to do and that is curtail your rights under the Constitution and 'mold' the populus ro their liking....

    For the most part, all of us here are gun owners of the sporting nature, remember however, that this UN treaty cares less about the reason for ownership. It's all about ownership of any firearm.

    You really want to wind up like Germany, where the only handguns are in military possession and ownership of a longun (as in one, uno, single.....) is a long, involved process, fraught with taxes, background checks, forms and restrictions on ammunition....

    You really want that? I don't.

    It's a constant onslaught on the very core of what makes this country what it is by the current administration, Socialist bastards.....