Garmin GPS 60CSx

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    Nov 14, 2007
    I'm selling two 60CSx units that we're no longer using because of new technical requirements for a project. The one with the yellow leash is less than 5 months old and is $260. The other unit has been lightly used for two years and is $230. (Includes shipping to lower 48 Priority Mail).

    The 60CSx is not a touch-screen, like Oregon or Colorado. However, it has the best receiver and you can operate it with gloves on (light ones anyway). Battery life is good - never less than 12 hours in the field in my experience on a 15F day. Aside from the low-detail basemap, neither has detailed street maps. Both come with an Invi-Shield screen protector and a leash.

    Neither of these have ever been abused, dropped or gotten wet.

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