FS - Stolle-Kelby Kodiak 300 Ultra mag (SOLD)

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    Jan 19, 2008
    Selling my 300 Ultra mag that is built off of a Stolle Kodiak action with Stolle rings. Rifle has a 28" Hart fluted #5 1/2 barrel with a 2" vais brake. Factory Remington trigger set at 2.5 pounds. The chamber accepts standard factory brass so there is no need to turn necks. Stock is a bedded Brown laminate with maker unknown with a Kick-ez recoil pad. Could be a Boyds or Richards. I purchased the rifle 2 years ago from a older gentleman that had no need for the rifle. He has since passed away so the information I have other than what is posted is minimal. The rifle is a Sub 1" gun with factory ammo. When I recieved the gun I was told it had less than 100 rounds down the tube and I have only fired it 20 to 30 rounds.
    Ballistics out to 500 yards are taped to the butt of the stock.

    $1500.00 Delivered Interested parties please email for more pictures.
    Scope is not included.



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