FS Remington parts (IN)

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    Dec 27, 2003
    Four Remington ADL triggerguards
    One steel TG painted Green duracoat $20.00
    One steel TG matte $20.00
    Two Matte alloy TG $20.00 each

    Two spring and followers for LA Remington 700 $8.00 each
    Two ADL LA mag boxes $6.00 each (mag boxes are not rusty, bad pic)

    Rings and bases for Rem 700
    Redfield one piece base and rings (front extended ring for Rem 700 LA $20.00
    Weaver bases and rings for Rem 700 $10.00
    Leupold bases and rings for Rem 700 $20.00

    Shipping not included in prices and will be added.