FS: Gre-Tan custom 6.5-06

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    Oct 4, 2004
    Remington 700 (pre J-lock action) chambered in 6.5-06
    All work done by Gre-Tan rifles.
    Action trued and firing pin hole bushed.
    Gre-Tan Lug
    Remington trigger.
    Broughton 5C barrel, 5.5 contour, 8 twist, 27"
    McMillan Remington Hunter stock, pillar and glass bedded
    Willaims floor metal
    Seekins base and rings

    $1800 shipped to FFL

    Rifle has been fired 16 times and shot 140 SGK's into a @.4 five shot group with the only load tested. Rifle was built two years ago and has not been out of the safe since.

    Barrel and breech shank is plenty long to cut and rechamber to a Swede or 6.5-284 and still have 26"

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