FS/FT - 7mm Rem Mag + dies/bullets/brass

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    Jul 1, 2006
    I made a mistake and shot this rifle. Originally planned to use the action and stock for another build, but, as luck would have it, I had to shoot it.

    Using H4831, Winchester LR primers, 1x fired cases, and 162 gr Hornady AMax bullets, the rifle produces a ragged hole at 100 yards.

    Package includes:

    BVSS with stainless/fluted barrel, laminated Savage stock, & factory three screw trigger (no scope/rings)
    100 NEW Norma brass (stamped 7mm Rem Mag Weatherby) - sell for $117 per 100 at Midway
    200 1x fired various headstamped brass - all fully prepped
    5-600 bullets (160 of the above mentioned AMax, and others varying from 140 gr to 175 gr)
    New Redding 3 die set - FL, neck, & seating die (I used to FL size the above 200 brass)

    7mm Mag is a nice round featuring a lot less recoil than a 270 or 30/06.

    If you are interested in a rifle that will shoot off the bench or take down an antelope, deer, or elk, then here is your chance.

    $900 shipped for the all of the above. Break it down as you like - $150 in bullets, $117 in new brass, $75 in 1x fired brass, & $75 in dies.

    Will consider trade for Savage or Stevens short action staggered feed complete actions.

    PM if interested. Financing another build and I cannot bring myself to break this one apart.