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    May 4, 2006
    Custom rifles for sale. BAT SV RBLP .20 PPC -.150" short. Pillar Bedded McMillan HBR stock with custom paint, Jewell BR, Lilja Barrel. Davidson base/ rings. All work by Greg Tannel includes brass and custom Newlon dies made by Mr. Greg Tannel.
    Shipped $2,100.00

    Stiller Diamondback RBLP .20x 47 Lapua Pillar Bedded McMillan Nesika varmint stock with clear coat. action/ bolt NP-3 coated by Robar. Jewell BR, Pac-Nor straight taper barrel. Stiller base/ rings. Weaver GS 6.5-20 All work by Greg Tannel includes brass, spare un-chambered Pac-Nor Fluted .224" caliber barrel.
    Shipped $2,100.00

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