FS- 25-06 brass, bullets and dies, as a lot

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    Mar 6, 2009
    BRASS is all freshly tumbled, fire formed in the same chamber.
    -1 box- 20 pcs. W-W virgin brass, new in box
    -48 pcs 1X fired R-P head stamp.
    -59 pcs 1X fired W-W head stamp 25-06 made from W-W 270 brass fire formed. (25-06 brass was impossible to get).
    -16 pcs - loaded rounds- 25-06 in R-P brass, w/Sierra 75 gr.HP.
    -143 total brass

    .257 BULLETS - all bright, in original boxes.
    -Sierra 75 gr. HP- 126 pcs.
    -Hornady 75 gr. HP- 64 pcs.
    -Sierra 87 gr. Spitzer- 40 pcs.
    -Sierra 90 gr. HPBT- 200 pcs.
    -Sierra 100 gr. Spitzer- 100 pcs

    RCBS 25-06 FL boxed set, lightly used, excellent condition.

    Lot price- $230 shipped- Priority mail flat rate box.
    Sorry, no trades, unless......

    I prefer not to break up the lot at this time, maybe later.

    email direct preferred laveritt@att.net