Frank and his pet monkey

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    Feb 12, 2009

    Frank and his monkey was out for a walk and Frank decided to stop off at a bar and have a beer. Frank and the monkey walk in and sit up on a stool and Frank orders a beer. The bartender is walking back with Frank’s beer when he notices the monkey on the pool table. The next thing he knows, the monkey picks up the cue ball and swallows it!

    The bartender says to Frank “Did you see that, your monkey just swallowed the cue ball”!!

    Frank says “That dang monkey will eat anything!” Frank finishes his beer, pay the bartender for the beer and cue ball and heads out.

    A couple of weeks later Frank and the monkey are out walking in the same neighborhood and Frank decided to go in the same bar and have a beer. Frank sits up on a stool and orders a beer.

    As the bartender is walking back with Frank’s beer he notices the monkey has crawled up on the bar, walked down to where there is a bowl of unshelled peanuts placed out for the customers. The monkey takes a peanut, bends way over and sticks the peanut up his butt, takes it back out and swallows it.

    The bartender says “did you see that? Your monkey just took a peanut, stuck it up his butt took it out and swallowed it”!!

    Frank says “Yeah, after all the trouble he had passing that cue ball he’s been trying everything out for size before he swallows it.