For Sale .338 Lapua Magnum

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  1. Bradley Johns

    Bradley Johns Member

    Oct 16, 2005
    27" #7 Lothar/Walther barrel 1-10", OpsInc break.
    Rem700, trued, ejection ports lengthend
    Shilen trigger, set at 2.5lbs
    AICS 1.5 black
    Entire rifle coated black
    oversized bolt knob, Sako style extractor, dual ejectors
    one 5rnd magazine with chassis
    Set of Badger Medium rings and 1" reducers
    20MOA Badger Canted base
    This package includes a green starlight case, Redding competition seater, Redding powder die, Redding F/L sizer, and a Dillon 550 .338LM conversion plate. We have 1/2 MOA proof targets shot with 88gr. of RL25 and 300 gr. Sierra MK to ship with rifle.
    Only 150 rounds fired. Excellent condition.
    $3000 + about $40 for shipping