Fanatic Sitka Owners, I have a question?

Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by Bigeclipse, Aug 5, 2014.

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    Aug 10, 2012
    I know this is probably not the right part of the forum to post in but I was not sure where, so I apologize about that.
    Anyways, I have a chance to get some sitka gear at 40% off making it semi-affordable for me (still rather expensive lol). I am highly considering the fanatic series Jacket and bib (optifade forest since I do a lot of tree stand hunting). My question is about warmth (for tree stand sitting not hiking) and size. First off, I tend to get colder than most people. Our season in NY starts Oct.1st(bow) through Dec 8th(muzzleloader) with rifle falling in the middle. So temperatures can fluctuate a lot, but in general id say temps are between 50f down to 25f. Yes we see some random 60s in early october and some almost zeros in late november/december but I am talking the average temps. Right now I have some light cloths for the ultra hot days that I do not need to replace. The coveralls I wear, on the other hand, are getting quite old. I wear these when it is a high of MAYBE 50f (that starts getting a bit warm) and with layers I have worn them down to zero (I was definitely cold but not shivering). I was thinking the fanatics seem to be about the same thickness/warmth level as what I currently have. Can anyone comment on the temps they have worn them in and whether they were way to hot or cold? Again this will be for treestand hunting. Please dont say, when you hike you will get hot.

    Last question...sizing. I have heard sitka sizing is all over the place. Some say runs small some say certain pieces run the right size while others run small. I am 5'8 200 lbs and carry most my weight in my waist (size 36 depending on pants company). I was thinking of going with XL for being able to layer. I do not mind a bit of bagginess as I already wear an arm guard for bow so that wont bother me. I dont do a lot hiking as well, so again too baggy wont be as much of an issue as too small. Thoughts? Unfortunately this will be an online order, no one around here carries sitka for me to try it on. Thanks everyone!

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    Jan 24, 2014
    I have the Jacket and bibs. I treestand hunt in eastern Iowa. I wear them anytime below 45 or so degrees. They are AWESOME. 40's I can just hike in with the leg zips open and the jacket bungeed to my stand on my back. I will then put the coat on about 15-20 min after I've been in the stand, once I start getting a hint of a chill. Actually I carry my jacket in even in the 30's. I try hard not to sweat at all on the way in. Last year I wore them sitting during muzzy in January and it was -10 with 20 mph winds. I put the chemical heaters on the bottom of my toes and in each glove. The rest of my body was fine. In the 40's I can just layer with 1 pair of pants. In the 30's I'll add a pair of long johns under my pants. In the teens and 20's I'll add a base layer long john then a fleece type long john then pants. About the same with the coat. I love the kangaroo pocket, range finder pocket and grunt tube pocket. You can throw a hand warmer in the pocket and just switch what hand is holding it every so often. Having both hands together really helps. If you can't tell I really like this set and plan to use it for a long time. The only negative I have found is that with the brushed face exterior it is a burr magnet. So I try to identify the burr plants before I walk into them and go around.

    About sizing. I am 5'10" 175 and I believe I have Lg for bibs and jacket, but haven't looked at the sizing since I bought them 2 years ago, so I could be off. I could look again if you wanted me to.

    PM me if you have any questions.