Exbal version 9.6 ?

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  1. kidcoltoutlaw

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    Dec 18, 2001
    Your sight in conditions are set but how do you use different conditions for the hunt in the program ? Can you do that without having to re chronograph the ammo at the hunt location ?

  2. Mikecr

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    Aug 10, 2003
    With sight in conditions set and "Same as field conditions" block unchecked, you just enter air density differences in the field and velocity diffs if known. But it's not practical to re-chrono on a hunt.
    You would determine this throughout the year with varying/expected temps, and keep a log on it.

    I used to use software in the field but have conceded to focusing on Hunting/Stalking. It's just more enjoyable to me for groundhogs.
    With this I set my limits to ~500 or ~600yds depending on gun, and can cover everything here with preps throughout the year leading to a single click-card I carry in my back pocket for hunts.
    But then, I always know where & when I'm going to hunt, and what my MV & conditions will be.
    Hay season, 1250ft, laser ranged, 5-10mph winds & up to 10deg slope..