Dry Spell ends with a double

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  1. BigMo

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    Aug 20, 2007
    After a not so eventfull deer season I started making a few stands the last couple weekends
    but I have had no luck until today. I headed to a good looking spot this morning and just as
    day light broke I parked the truck and headed over the hill.
    Picture of the area
    The spot looked good but with a dozen or more stands behind me with no takers I did not have
    much confidence. The wind was right to left and would give my "Texas Twister" decoy plenty
    of movement. I placed it out about 40 yards just off to my right hoping it would keep critters
    attention focused just up wind of me.
    Broken out cedar top was my stand site
    After 15 minute of the Wah-wah-wa Jackrabbit Blues bellered out of my old Weems Wild Call I see
    Mr. Coyote standing 250 yards away down the draw just outside of a row of cedars. Then I see
    another pop out just behind him.....now my heart starts to pound in my chest as the thought
    of finally breaking my dry spell crosses my mind. After a minute pause both yotes begin to
    trot my way. They closed the range to about 150 yards and came to a stop again. Both coyotes
    seemed puzzled by the Twister not sure if they wanted to come closer..... I decided that was close enough.
    I first spoted the coyotes just past the far cedar in the picture and the first one was shot just infront of the cedar that is closer and standing out of the line just to the right.
    I leveled the 22-250 up on my cross sticks and shot the front yote square in the chest....he was down in a flash.
    I began to bark as loud as I could as the other yote was tearing up the country side headed
    out of the area. To my surprize after covering a couple hundred yards he slowed to a trot and
    then just stopped to look back at me from just below the crest of the hill. I lined up the 22-250
    and sent a 55 grain Seirra Gameking on its way and to my surprize he folded up and hit the
    dirt. He got back up but did not get 25 yards before it was all over. My aim was either off in
    the hurry or maybe the wind got it some I don't know but my dry spell ended with a bang.
    This is only my second double EVER. :)
    Both males in pretty good shape other than all the burrs.
    I made 3 more stands before calling it a day. The wind really picked up and it just seemed
    useless, so with this pair I called it a day.
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    Jan 20, 2004
    BigMo, That's some kinda good!!!!

    I never have got a double, though I've had plenty of chances.:(

  3. redbone

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    Jul 3, 2005
    Big MO

    Can you post some pic of your Shooting sticks an "Texas Twister" decoy to .?

    What state was you hunting in ?

  4. bwaites

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    Jun 24, 2007

  5. BigMo

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    Aug 20, 2007
    Pics of equipment

    I will try to get a few photos of the equipment after this weekends hunt.
    The shooting sticks and decoy are both home brews. I hunt off a stool so
    I had to make extra high shooting sticks. All the store bought ones left me
    wanting more so I just made a pair.
    3/8 diamiter replacement tent pole from Wally World :D

    I hunt in NE Texas and SE Oklahoma. That country in the photos is Texas.
  6. shiredude

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    Aug 20, 2007
    congrats on the double, but a word of caution.....the more you call up, the more you want to go, so just warn the family that they may not see you until it starts getting warmer out there. LOL
  7. silvertip-co

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    Jun 20, 2007
    Nice pics. Good job. Nice dogs too. And the rifle aint bad either.