Dakota Model 97 Hunter

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    Nov 13, 2010
    An original Don Allen Dakota M97 Hunter in 300 Dakota Magnum. This rifle is no longer available and truly a collectible piece of firearms history. The condition under my strict assessment is better than 90%. Compared to similar rifles on this site and others, I would say that it rates in the 95% or better. Not a fancy or exotic rifle, this was however, a semi-custom special order. Worked closely with the factory engineer(Ward) to develop a real hunting rifle with load history and performance data from factory to be a shooter and hunted in Alaska. It has a Lothar Walther SS Match barrel, two panel bolt and in-letted stock sling studs. Included at no additional cost, Don Allen Dakota Owner's Original Certificate, factory load data and history.

    Available at additional cost are: RCBS reloading dies 300 DAK Mag, extra factory Dakota head stamped brass (loaded and unloaded), in Dakota factory MCM plastic cases, Talley bases and rings. Not included or offered is the scope.

    $2,699.00 + S&H
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