Custom Stainless Rem 700 (300 ultra)

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    Dec 2, 2007
    I have a Stainless reminton 700 in 300 ultramag. It is all set up to shoot out to 600 yards. With custom load etc. It is sitting in a HS Precision thumbhole stock. It has been accurized by Accurate arms. (over $1000 in work) Action squared, barrell and bolt lapped. Vias Muzzle break, (factory sporter weight barrel.) Talley rings and bases with new Burris 3-9x ballistic plex. I have a load worked up with 200 grain bullets so that the the gun will shoot dead on on most of the slash marks in the scope and only one inch off in the others. I can shoot the steel deer target in the head at 600 yards with no problem. I have shot this gun less than 75 rounds. It is in mint conditon except that the rear sling stud broke off while shooting it off the rest. I remounted the stud about a inch back but the very small hole where it came out of needs to be re-filled. (This gun shoots one ragged hole with 180 and 200 high quality factory ammo)

    I want $1350 (I will pay the shipping) Gun is woths every penny.
    I am not interested in offers or trades.

    I will send photos to serious parties who have the money to buy the gun right now. It it does not sell I will be more than happy to put it back in the safe!

    E-mail me direct:
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