Custom Remington 700 Hunting Rifle

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    Like new CUSTOM Remington 700 stainless short-action lightweight hunting rifle in .300 WSM (I may also decide to sell an identical 6.5-.284 rifle that has a black with green webbing stock as its only difference). Custom features include: Pacific Tool and Gauge helical fluted bolt w/H-S Precision mini-claw extractor, 23” Obermeyer 5R stainless barrel, black with burgundy webbing MPI pillar bedded Kevlar stock with Monte Carlo comb (no cheek piece) and HiViz XCoil pad, Williams floor plate, Jewell trigger, and S&K sculptured bases and rings (scope not included but may be available for purchase). I have $2,075 into this rifle, but will sacrifice for $1,495 + shipping. Where else can you get a LIGHTWEIGHT CUSTOM rifle ready to go for this price?
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    Oct 23, 2006
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    The .300 WSM rifle is sold, but the 6.5-.284 is available as I have decided to sell it. In addition to the 6.5-.284 rifle, I also have the following available.

    For the 6.5-.284:

    375+ Nosler 120 grain Ballistic Tip bullets, $9 per 50
    93 Nosler 120 grain Ballistic Tip bullets, $9 per 50 (coated differently than the ones above)
    375+ Barnes 120 grain TSX-BT bullets, $20 per 50
    540+ Lapua brass, $50 per 100

    For the .300 WSM:

    175+ Nosler 165 grain Ballistic Tip bullets, $9 per 50
    150 Barnes 168 grain TSX-BT bullets, $20 per 50
    240+ Norma brass, $50 per 100

    I arrived at my asking prices for the dies and components by looking up the lowest prices I could find and asking about 75% of that. By the way, all the bullets are coated with a product called Ultralube (tungsten disulphide). The exception is the 93 Nosler bullets coated with NP3 by Robar. Neither of these coatings rub off like moly and are much slicker. I use this on all my bullets as it makes cleaning the barrel much easier and provides additional velocity at lower pressures.
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    Jan 27, 2006
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    Jun 13, 2007
    I will take the 150 Barnes TSXs for $60

    How do you want the money, paypal or what?

    email me

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    Nov 20, 2001
    I will take 200 of the Lapua 6.5x284 brass.
    Let me know how you want payment.
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    The .30 caliber barnes TSX bullets are sold, and all the 6.5-.284 brass is sold.