Custom BAT B 6BR LBLP Varmint Rifle

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    Oct 27, 2004
    Custom long range varmint rifle. BAT model B action single shot stainless steel action left bolt left port BAT trigger guard Jewell HVR bottom safety trigger. Pillar bedded in a McMillan Hunter Class stock. Stock is painted in McMillans pebble grain finish in black with stainless finish swivel studs. Krieger 10 twist LV contour barrel chambered with a .272 no turn neck and finished at 26 inches. Rifle has been fired exaclty 175 times and shoots 95gr BIB and Fowler 80gr bullets extremely well. Can e-mail pictures. $2000 to your FFL that accepts from a non FFL. All work done by Dave Bruno of Dayton, PA