couple of foxes from the other night on the english/welsh border

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    Aug 28, 2008
    hi lads just like to share my other nights shooting with you. i got invited over to a friends permissions the other night in herefordshire which is on the border of england and wales. its very hilly and is prime fox shooting country.

    as some of the fields have been cut there should be lots about. any how 1st field turned the lamp on with out calling and there was a young fox !
    jonty called him in and the 222 done the rest. this years cub by the look of it a little dog fox. head shot as he was in long grass on the border of the field. here is a pic [​IMG]
    anyay we moved up field and see a fox but he wasnt hanging about so we had a call on a horse jump but nothing come into call. lots of rabbits running about so had one with the 22/250 but dont like wasteing bullets on them to be fair. anyhow nice to cut a couple down and leave for fox grub.
    went into a 3rd field and a fox was sat in cover over the far side. i didnt think he was going to hang about so i got down on floor looked through the scope and could only see his head in the bush ! i guessed it was over 250 yards so aloud abit of drop pulled the trigger but missed :wallbash: when i ranged it after it was 235 so really i should have aim bang on. never mind live and learn.
    jonty had a couple of rabbits with the 222 and then we move to a different farm up the road. had a call in a field that just been cut bu no look then went over to a grass field that was low as horses had been in there. there horses where at the top end so we moved down the fence line.
    jonty spotted to foxes i got down on the deck looked through scope and they where coming to call at around 130 yards he stopped and i took the shot. down he went.the other was still about but wasnt in a safe shot to shoot. he was only 50 yards away. never mind he will be there for the taking next time.
    found the fox it was a vixen and head shot which isnt pretty [​IMG]
    after that we see some more but couldnt get a shot off. soon as the rest of the fields are cut im sure there be lots more chances.
    anyhow it was a good night and i was home again within 4 hours.