Colorado school of trades gunsmithing.

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    Jul 15, 2009
    Hi has anybody here been or know much about this school and their gunsmithing course,i have checked the website but would like to hear from people who have been or know of someone who has been to this school,i am thinking of making the move from Sydney,Australia to Lakewood Colorado USA to learn the trade and hopefully become a gunsmith,we have not a had a course here for gunsmithing in Australia since 1982 and gunsmiths are becoming as rare as hens teeth, most of them down here are of the grey/no hair type:)(no offence,but they are getting on in the age department if you know what i mean).Any info would be greatly appreciated as this will be a huge move and career change for me, it's an industry which i feel very passionate towards and there is an ever growing market and need for gunsmiths downunder,thanks.
    P.S. Lakewood Colorado is a sister city of the Sutherland Shire here in Sydney where i live,just found that out doing some research.
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    One of our members here is a grad of that school, altho I dotn recall his handle. I think he just graduated. And the apprentices in the gunsmith room at BassPro in Denver are students of that school also and spoke highly of it to me on several occasions. Some of the men who worked for me in Denver seemed to have a high opinion of it, and they dont like ANYTHING.

    Also you might look at Trinidad State Jr Cllege which has the nations first and maybe only degree program in gunsmithing. I think it was begun my Col. Townsend Whelen and continues to this day.

    Either school will be well worth your money, recognizing that neither is MIT or RIT or Rennselaer Polytech.

    Good luck.