Bullseye Target Camera - Now works on I-Phone/I-Pad or Android devices!

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  1. Andy Backus

    Andy Backus Field Editor

    Dec 21, 2009
    The Bullseye Target Camera System solves the age old problem of difficulty seeing your shots on target, especially at long range. Shoot as many times as you want and the Bullseye system shows all of your shots on your laptop, Iphone, Ipad or Android phone or tablet, plus the most recent shot flashes. You can even tag individual shots to identify individual shooters, ammo or groupings.

    The Bullseye system allows you to:

    • Clearly see your target and each and every shot
    • Mark, color and number shot groups
    • Review previous shots and shot groups
    • Log data for each shot such as firearm, ammunition, shooter and distance
    • Create shooter profiles including name, firearm and ammunition
    • See information such as signal strength, camera active and shooting distance

    CLICK HERE for more information or to buy a Bullseye Camera System at the LRH Store.