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Discussion in 'Guns For Sale' started by Guest, Oct 19, 2005.

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    22 cal.
    Hornady V-Max 50gr 127ct SPF
    Nosler BalTip 50gr 250ct SPF
    Nosler BalTip 55gr 1@100ct SPF +1@250ct SPF

    270 cal.
    Speer 130gr SP 100ct $9
    Speer 130gr SP BT 100ct $11
    Speer 150gr SP 2@100ct $13 ea.
    Nosler BalTip 150gr 4@100ct SPF
    Winchester SilverTip 150gr 300ct $25 shipped

    7MM cal.
    Hornady 120gr SP 59ct SPF
    Hornady 120gr V-Max 73ct SPF
    Nosler 120gr BalTip 50ct $10
    Nosler 120gr Solid Base 2@100ct SPF

    30 cal.
    Barnes X 110gr 50ct $15
    Speer 130gr HP 68ct $6
    Nosler Partition 150gr 1@30ct+1@50ct=80ct SPF
    Sierra 150gr FMJ 500ct Bulk SPF
    Hornady 165gr BTSP 654ct Bulk SPF

    Small quantities plus shipping.
    Combine 2 or more of boxes bullets and shipping included unless already specified.

    Wayne aka WAMBO
  2. peppy1hunting

    peppy1hunting Well-Known Member

    Oct 20, 2005
    What are you asking on the 270 Nosler 150gr bullets and does that include shipping

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    270 Nosler 150gr are sold pending funds.
  4. sewwhat89

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    Jul 26, 2005
    How much for the 7mm 120 gr VMAX?
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    7mm 120gr V-Max are sold pending funds. SPF