Buffalo and Turkey Special

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    Mar 14, 2006
    I'm going to be offering a combination buffalo and turkey hunt for the spring of 2009. The buffalo will be a 650-700 lb. prime meat heifer to be harvested in any manner you choose in our hunt pasture. You then get to hunt turkey for three days semi guided with lodging provided. We will guide the buffalo hunt and deliver the animal to the butcher. I don't include meals, licenses, or processing of the buffalo but you get to stay on the ranch in our guest house and it has a kitchen. Price is $2000 and for LRH members I will offer a chance at a second turkey for free. Archery turkey season opens March 25 and Shotgun should open April 18 and both should run through May 24. I will only keep a limited number of these buffalo over the winter so PM me for more details.