Brain cramp - completely baffled by turret behavior on Millett 6-25x56

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  1. Millett Buck Gold 6-25x56mm AO
    This is it:

    I've got this scope on a Savage .223
    I bought it used. It's in good shape. It holds a good zero and it passes the box test. Clicks are distinctive and repeatable.

    I don't have experience with anything other than MOA, which apparently this scope is not. I'm puzzled. The problem is the numbers on the turret. Clicks are supposed to be in 1/4" increments, which makes sense because there are 4 dashes between numbers. The turret has 15 numbers in one full rotation from 0 back to 0.

    I've got it zeroed at 100 yards and plugged all ballistic info in Berger's software for the 68 grain BTHP bullets at 2880fps. I printed off drop charts in inches, moa's and mil's. I've verified this drop chart is accurate by cross checking it with JBM.

    Drop chart shows trajectory at 350 yards is - 20.34", which is - 5.55 MOA. Went to my 350 yard target - dialed to 5.5 moa on the elevation turrent and didn't hit the paper - dust just below the target. ??? Dialed up to 8moa and POI was 8" below point of aim. Shot 5 shots and I have a wonderful little 1.8" group 8" below the bullseye.

    Clicked turret back to zero and went to 100 yard target and it's right on. Shot box test and it's right on.

    Any idea what the hell is going on? It can't be in MIL's because drop chart says the trajectory in MIL's at 350 yards is -1.61 ???

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    Nov 20, 2008
    When you shot your box test, did you verify the clicks? It's not uncommon for a scope to track just fine, but instead of, for example, 16 clicks giving you 4.16" of movement at 100 yards (if your scope is 1 click = 1/4 MOA) it may give you more or less. Sounds like your scope may be giving you much less than indicated....

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  3. davewilson

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    Feb 19, 2004
    the way you verify what problem you have is to shoot the gun at a target at 350 yards without changing the turret setting. make sure the gun is zero'd at 100, in your case, and then shoot at a target 350 yards away without changing the turret. make sure you have enough target underneath the aiming point to measure the exact drop. i'm bettin it's more than 20"
    the other possibility is the turrets aren't moving the distance they're supposed to. this is why people spend 1500 on a Nightforce. they flat out work and work every time. you didn't say if you measured the distances the holes moved when it passed the box test. this is where you would get a good idea if the turrets are making correct adjustments.
    my bet is it drops more than 20"
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    Aug 23, 2008
    first off hello to dave wilson, its been awhile.
    i recently had one of these scopes in my hands, it was the tacticle version.
    i asked around about them and was directed to a discussion on snipers hide.
    it was quite legnthly, and mostly negative.
    im of the opinion there are quite a few very good scopes available today without buying a nightforce or others in the upper price range.
    but im personaly leary of anything china.