Big Boar video w/dogs! Extremely Short Range!

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    Jun 11, 2006
    Ok, this is a video we shot last Sat night or Sun morning, hard to tell as it was in the wee hours.

    In order for me to even post this video I must tell the story as this is NOT how it normally happens or how it was supposed to happen. This is a BAD example of how this stuff goes but, it is exciting!

    We had quit hunting about 9pm as the pigs were not moving and we headed back to the campsite to grab some grub. Amongst the guys there we had a gentleman and his son basically plead with us to come check his property out as he had some big hogs on it. Well we were tired and cold but, somehow we loaded up and headed out.

    We started on foot with a group of about 10 guys. This was supposed to be a quick hunt whether we were successful or not. I had asked if I needed my pistol but, we had 2 guys carrying lever guns, 2 guys with pitbulls and 2 guys with pistols. Seemed like we had it covered. If we caught a big boar we wanted to catch him and tie him and we did not even want to kill him.

    In this video I am the camera guy and I am using a head mounted camera with a backpack that had the video equipment. I learned a lot and the lighting will be better next time.

    So we checked everything and headed off. After a while of absolutely nothing several of the guys started to just stop and peel off back to the truck. They were tired and cold which is understandable. We were not side by side we just knew this happened when we quite being able to whistle at them. The problem here is that the guys that left had the 2 lever guns and the 2 pits.

    We did not think much of it and headed on as we felt we were not going to catch tonight anyhow. We also knew the landowner and son had pistols so we felt we would be ok. I had my knife of course and so did the others.

    About 12am or 1am??? we were about 1/2 mile from the trucks when the dogs struck. They had founf a large boar bedded and had bayed him almost immediately in a creek bottom. He was in water and had his back against the bank wall with no way out. After getting to them quickly we finally go a guy with a pistol lined up to shoot him. We knew he was big and told him to shoot him between the ear and eye. Well he shoots him in the jaw from about 10ft and all heckbreaks loose. The dogs pile on him and he goes nuts. This happens for a while with many shots when they presented themselves but he would not go down?

    When it all finally ended we found out he was shooting a .380 All he was doing was making him mad. What killed him was a shot pretty far back that hit his lung and when he got back in the water I guess he drowned?

    There were 5 of us on this hog and 3 had never done this before. What an experience for them.

    Bad deal anyway you look at it. We cut 6 dogs and some of them we stapled on the bank. I will never go out without MY pistol ever again! It should have been over in a matter of seconds.

    I had forget I turned the camera on so it is not perfect video but, it is very real. I was using my wide angle lense as I thought we were tying and sticking pigs so I wanted to be able to get plenty close. I should have used my zoom lense as the hog appears a little further than he was actually.

    We did not weigh him but, he is well over 300 lbs as it is all I could do to drag him a few inches at a time. He also has some big ol heavy cutters!

    ENjoy the video!
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    [ QUOTE ]
    When it all finally ended we found out he was shooting a .380 All he was doing was making him mad.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I guess it was not funny at the time, but it sure makes a good story.

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    You guys are nutz!!! Been there (or kind of close)in the daylight. At night, hah!!!

    9MMs are popular around this house. Been thinking about a 45 lately. Just in case.
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    Nov 26, 2005
    we do alot of bear hunting and normally a guy has a backup gun when we are after one that has had a bad shot into him. I carry a 10mm. luckuly have not had to use it, a friend caries a 357 and my dad carries a 50ae. If I had my choice I would use the 50. Lots of whack to them. killed one bear with just that 50. caught him right behind the head.