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    Nov 13, 2005
    I have a 223 heavy barrel varmint type rifle. I have always used a pack or what ever when out plowing P. dogs. I am looking for a bi-pod but I don't really know which one. I will more than likely go with Harris but I really don't know what model would be best. I will use it mostly in a prone form but maybe in a setting form if this it possible to do both. if not prone takes precedence. If you have any suggestions good, bad and the ugly I would appreciate it.

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    Jun 11, 2005
    All of my hunting rigs have Harris swivel, notched leg bipods with PodLocs in th 6-9" length. I also usually carry along a longer bipod of the same type and also always have at least one set of shooting sticks, either bipod or tripod with trailer arm but these are for shorter shots as they just aren't steady enough for the long stuff.

    If where you are hunting dictates the 6-9" model as being to short, then go with a longer one, but I always feel that the closer I am to the ground, the more stable I am.

    But, no matter what you have with you, be prepared to improvise with a pack or something similar when needed.

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    Jan 16, 2008
    Harris is the company to go with. They make three sizes. Making a choice will cause you much consternation. Not to worry though. If whichever one you buy doesn't suit you, just post it up in the classified section on this site and then buy the next size.

    My only recommendation, regardless of height, be sure to get one that has a swivel head and notched legs.

    You want a swivel head so that when you're on uneven terrain you can level your rifle.

    You want notched legs so that when you have the legs adjusted, they don't slip under recoil or anything else.