Back from Montana!

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  1. Niles Coyote

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    Mar 24, 2008
    Pictures from Montana.
    One view from the back of our cabin!

    One more from the back yard!

    Prairie dog’s nightmare.

    Elk running after running through fencing.

    My 4x4.

    This was my first out of state hunt and first time to the great state of Montana. WOW, what a state! I envy you who call Montana home!!!
    We (my hunting partner/co-worker) spent three days tracking down deer and looking them over before I took one of the larger ones I had seen on the third day. My hunting partner took his the next day, a 5x5 I spotted for him while he was answering natures call :rolleyes:
    I wish I could tell you a great tale of a great long range shot, but it would be a lie... I caught my mulie out in the open at about 125 yards, standing behind a bush that covered his chest well enough not to risk a shot. So I waited for him to turn broad side and away for the bush. When he did turn, I planted my reticle high behind his shoulder and squeezed the trigger. Apparently he turned away just as the trigger broke, as the 300 wsm 190 berger hit him just forward of his left side, rear hip about 6 inches and exited on a angle just into his rib cage on his right side. Thank God I held high or I would have had a really bad gut shot. He went down as if being hit by a truck. Those 190 grain bergers work great!
    For those interested, the rifle is a FN SPR 300wsm, with a Nightforce 3.5-15x50 mil-dot. My load was a 190 berger VLD moly'ed by me and powered by 61.5 grains of H4350 seated just into the lands, Winchester large rifle primers, and virgin Winchester brass that had been trimmed and prepped. Velocity was 2790 @ 56 degrees.
    Before the trip I was worried that a 15 pound rifle was going to be a pain to carry around but after the hunt I can honestly say it was no burden. I would how ever say that the tactical bolt knob was a pain in my back, literally. Should I ever build a rifle with the idea of hunting with it, I will not have a larger bolt knob put on it!
    For those that helped me with the 7mm Remington mag loads with 150 seirra game kings, a big thank you! The two guys that went with us, both used the load with great success. One taking a 3x4, the other a 4x4.
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    May 9, 2005
    Nice deer, looks like Eastern or SE MT

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    May 21, 2008
    I was thinking the breaks country, but it does look a little like the Custer NF area.

    Congrats on your hunt Niles. That's a nice 4 pt mulie. Montana is diverse and beautiful country.
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    That's a funny picture of the badger.