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    Feb 19, 2008
    I drew this tag based on a recommendation. I'm a non-resident with a fair amount of elk hunting experience. I'd like it to be a "do it yourself" hunt if possible (with a friend or two to haul meat). Without extensive scouting in advance, what can I expect? Will I likely see elk each day, or perhaps only once during the season? Should I shoot the first legal bull I see? Does the hunting improve after opening day, or get much harder?

    Thanks for any advice.
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    I have killed a couple of bulls in 7E. However, I had the rut as an advantage. Late season in this unit can be difficult. There are some really good bulls in this unit and a few really great bulls. Much of it is thick juniper and pinion country and much of it is very flat making it hard to glass and get the drop on the bulls. If you beat the brush hard you will likely see bulls every day to every couple of days. The problem is that with it being thick, by the time you see them you will be seeing the a$$ end of them if youre lucky. There are some areas that will offer you glassing opprotunities. I would try and find areas to glass and glass until it hurts. This is honestly your best chance to find a good bull. 7E bulls are VERY educated and still hunting isnt impossible but your chances of connecting on a good bull are slim using this method. You need to glass hard if you are to harvest a nice bull. The hunting does get harder after opening day. After the elk have been kicked around and shot at they get more cagey than they already are.

    What kind of bull are you looking for?

    How far can you realistically shoot?

    What are your physical limitations?

    If you get me an answer on those questions, I can put you on some bulls.

    PM me if you would like a couple of areas to get started.
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