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    Apr 2, 2011
    Hi everybody!

    Many years ago in the Austrian army I realized that I was able to shoot the turret's main gun of the "Kürassier" tank pretty well.
    This got me very interested in shooting smaller calibers for I figured out that shooting a tank in my backyard wouldn't make my neighbours or the local police dept. very happy :D
    I started real small with a Diana D54 Airking air-rifle.
    When I felt that I reached its limits and could handle it (hitting the bulls eye) in almost every circumstance I switched over to a russian rimfire - the TOZ-78. A cheap but very accurate, reliable rifle with an attitude. Somewhat crude but very usable.
    I sort of "overgadgeted" this russian darling - Harris bipod and an AKAH 10-40X56 scope that is almost as long as the rifle it is mounted on :D
    It loves RWS subsonic ammo - and I feed it plentyful with it. My local arms dealer already sells it for a special price to me (yep. I hear the alarm signal... still, I cannot resist buying & shooting).
    Since 2002 I discovered my affinity to sniping - well, sort of. I cold not call myself even a sniper's apprentice since my struggle with US and metric values sometimes drives me alomst mad.
    As long as I haven't mastered this obstacle I won't give in my urge buying a real rifle like a .308 Win.
    I love hunting quite a lot - combine that with my sniping attempts and you've got a wannabe long range hunting nut :)