Assorted 270 Brass

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    May 9, 2009
    I have an assortment of 270 brass for sale. I'm selling these as a lot.
    236 altogether. I don't know the history behind them.I bought them in a tub of brass from a gunsmith friend.I took out the calibers I shoot and am selling the rest. I see resizing marks on some of them.
    I also have 30-30 brass 241 pcs
    I'm asking 45.00 for all the 270 and 45.00 for all the 30-30.I will ship in a flat rate box for 10.00. Please pm me if you're interested.I will accept Postal Money orders.
    270 236 pcs
    100 pcs of Win
    53 pcs nickel Win
    40 pcs Rem
    16 pcs PMC
    12 pcs Hornady
    15 pcs Nickel Rem

    30-30 241 pcs
    135 pcs of Win
    76 pcs Rem
    30 assorted in a bag