Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting

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  1. Russ Hatch

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    Aug 23, 2008
    I recieved my copy of Bryan Litz's book yesterday. After reading the first five chapters last night I can say that it is a very well written and imformative book. This is one that I'll have to read several times to absorb all of the info. I also compared the ballistic solver program that comes with the book to the RSI program. The Ballistic solver showed a bullet trajectory of - 426.83 inches and the RSI program showed one of -426.60 inches at 1000 yds. I used identical information for the imputs.When computed with 25 yd increments the two programs never varied more than .23 inches and over half of the results agreed exactly. Thanks for all of the work Brian.
  2. BryanLitz

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    Mar 8, 2007
    Thanks for the review Russ!

    I realize the software is somewhat 'bare-bones', but it is accurate. It matches the RSI (as you pointed out) and JBM within round-off error out to extended ranges. It just goes to show that the equations of projectile motion are well understood and produce repeatable output when properly implemented.

    Not only do all the good software programs match each other, but they also match reality. Have you read chapter 8 yet? In a carefully controlled experiment, I demonstrated that the predicted drop matched the actual drop within 1" at 1000 yards using my BC's and software (shooting each shot over a chronograph and thru 2 targets). Now that was a gratifying experiment!


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    Jan 30, 2008
    Hats off to you Bryan. Also got my book the other day, made it to about page 75 in the first night. So simple to understand and yet is in no way the basics. I can only hope now that nightforce comes up with an update for their pda software to use G7. I will now be strictly shooting Berger Bullets, not because they are an excellent bullet but because they are stepping forward and are committed to making everyone a better shooter.

    Thanks Bryan
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    Feb 6, 2008

    I finished your book!! I'll need to read it again to retain all the new info.

    I now know how the pronounce the word "o-give", I've heard that word butchered and personally butchered it.:D

    Your book has opened my eyes to ballistics. It also resolves a lot of uncertainties/confusion I had before. I have a 100% better understanding of how things work. Now that you've resolved this part of my game the only variable left is my abilities. Those are works in progress! I am defiantly a more confident, and educated shooter for having read this book. Thanks Bryan!!

    Feel free to use all or any part of this thread as a testimonial as you see fit.

    (this is a duplicate post but I figured it would fit better wit other testimonials)