APA Surgeon 6.5x47

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    Jan 23, 2006
    American Precision Arms Build
    Surgeon 591 Action
    Bushed bolt/Firing Pin by Gre-Tan
    Apa Bolt Knob

    McMillan A3-5 Stock with Adj Lop and Terry Cross hardware
    2 left side flush cups and 1 on the front right fore-end
    APA Bedded Tactical Bipod Stud
    70 black 20 gray 10 white swirl
    Standard Fill
    There are a few small chips around the safety selector, Mcm will fix but I was too busy to mail it in.

    Surgeon DBM - NO mags Included

    Bartlein 6.5x47 barrel 1-8 Twist, LV Contour 750 rounds down the barrel
    .293 neck .140 freebore reamer
    Shoots 140g Berger Hybrids at 2770fps
    26 inches
    Apa Little Bastard Brake kept 1inch chamfered to barrel

    Black GunKote on all the metal

    Huber 2 stage trigger

    I started with 400 pieces of neck turned lapua brass, i should have 325 to 350 pieces
    It has been shot 2x, annealed on a Benchsource after the first firing, brass will be included.

    Scope, rings, bipod etc not included

    The bolt does show some wear now but it runs great.

    I have 2 6XC barrels I can give to the buyer. I would not call them match worthy but would work for barricade practice or to screw around with, I would call them .55moa barrels. Both are 27in Kreiger 9 twist .274 neck 104 freebore XC reamer, I might have old brass too.
    Both XC have little bastard muzzle brakes turned down to match contour





    800 yards




    $4100 OBO

    I am not looking for any trades, but this needs to sell asap