anyone have a Burris

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  1. tigmaned

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    Oct 6, 2009
    i am looking into getting a Burris Fullfield 3x9 for my Rem 700spsv in 223. i have never seen one in person ans not sure what the turrets are like, most pictures i see of them caps are on.
  2. KDB

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    Jun 26, 2009
    I have several burris scopes. The turrets on the FFII are not target turrets, standard 1/4 clickable adj's. If you get a burris, I would definately tell you to get one that has an adjustable objective. Every burris scope I have, with the exception on one older signature 8x32, has had excessive parralax that is hard to fine tune. I have sent several back to be repaired.

    I would also suggest going with more magnification, especially if you are going to varmint hunt with it. At least a 4.5x14 min.

    In the value line of scopes, I would also suggest looking at Bushnell Elite 4200 series. Believe it or not, I think that they are better than the FFII's.

    Just my opinions, of course...

    Hope this helped.
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  3. kc

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    Jan 7, 2003
    I have a Burris 8x32 and I beat the snot out of it I am hard on my equipment.
    Its always on and never loses the zero I will but another and another, the glas is just fine.