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    My 80 yo dad and a friend and I went on our first antelope hunt. We flew into Rapid City South Dakota and did the tourist things like Mout Rushmore and Deadwood and hunted three days in Western Wyoming. We all threee tagged out which as great. I got mine in the first hour shooting off a bipod at 400 yards. My friend got his prone off a bipod at 420. Dad got a broadside shot at 220 after a miss at about 400. It was hard to get close to them... This was the first hunt for my new rifle. I had John Whidden build a 308 with a Stiller Tac30 action, Jewell trigger, Rock Creek 5r rifled 1/11.25 twist ABS carbon wrapped barrel on one of his stocks with a March 2.5-25x42 scope. The rifle will really shoot. We had a great time. Included are pictures of two of the bucks and my rifle. For those of you that like to shoot at distance, you would really like antelope. They are small, fast and do not like to let you get close.

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    good one


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    Good Times!