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Discussion in 'The Basics, Starting Out' started by mkg, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. mkg

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    Nov 19, 2007
    Hello all, Great forum.

    I've been brush hunting deer with a Remington 700sps in .308 for three years now and to make a long story short I met some great guys that offered to take me longrange hunting. Oh what a mistake , now I've been biten by the bug ... you know the one, the wallet mosquito.

    Anyway it's too late in the season for me to try to build a long range deer rifle so I've decided to buy a Savage 12bvss in 22-.250 with a weaver grandslam 4.5 X 14 scope for varmit/range to get in to the swing of things in the off season.

    But, my question is this... My .308 is basically straight out of the box with a 3200 elite scope and harris bi-pod ( just added ) on it . Is it worth having the barrel floated and action bedded to help out the .308 or would another Savage (116FHSAK or 112BVSS if I can find one ) in either 30-06 or 300 mag be a more effective use of funds.

    The reloading stuff as well as the range finder is coming ( thanks Santa )

    I know this is a totally noob question and if I left out any needed info please let me know.

    Thanks Mike
  2. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    Well the 308 is a great way to start shooting long range especialy if you don't have all your reloading stuff setup yep because their is alot of good match quality ammo out their. You SPS would benifit ALOT from a bedding job and having the barrel floated and the trigger work if that hasen't been done , even though the barrel is thin and short that doesen't mean that you can shoot long shaot with it probably just not as many in a row. Accuracy or should I say consistant accuracy is a main factor is making shots at long range , if your gunn will hold 1 moa out to say 600yds then you have a gun thats would make a good 600yd deer gun so long as you can shoot that type group all the time. Generaly with a little trigger work , bedding job that releave the barrel and somtimes a fresh crown you can get a factory Rem down below the 1 moa mark and somtimes around the 1/2 moa mark. If you have the funds I would invest in a better stock strait off , you can get a HS Precision for about $250 and that would be a great adition to the LR rig you can buld on your existing 308

    As for your Savage , well their you have a great base for a long range gun , good heavy stabill stock a good action to work from and they are generaly very accurate for factory rifles , the twist in that gun should alow you to shoot 55gr bullet pretty well and with the speed the 22-250 offers it will make a good 500yd varmint gun , Best part is that you can change toi a differany cliber realy easy and don't have to wait for long turn around time from a smith.

  3. mkg

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    Nov 19, 2007
    James thank you for the response . I guess that's what I was getting at with my question . Wouldn't the new stock at $250 plus the smithing work would put me close to the cost of a new Savage which seems to be a better platform to build upon.

  4. Buffalobob

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    Jun 12, 2001
    I would go and get some Federal Gold Medal Match and shoot some groups and see what the accuracy of the gun actually is with quality ammo. There is nothing wrong with 1.0 MOA groups other than you can't brag about them. But that is enough accuracy to out to the maximum range of the 308.

    I would then spend money on thge reloading set and begin to practice reloading and long range shooting. When you have killed a deer or whatever in the 500 yard to 800 yard distance then you will know better what kind of gun suits you and whether investing big dollars into a sport that is very specialized is what you want to do.

    Most people think long range hunting is about equipment and people seldom discuss actual hunting technique. There are a number of distinct techniques and you need to sort out which one fits your personality and goals. After that you can better judge the equipment that is needed for you style of hunting.

    Now then if you just want to go and spend some money, that is fine it is your money, but up to this point you have posted nothing that leads me to believe anything is wrong with what you have.
  5. roninflag

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    Feb 27, 2006
    308 for long range

    you live in a place where you can shoot a lot of deer. that is a plus. the 308 has the power to kill at fairly long range . the difficult part of hitting at long range is not the drop it is the wind. in reloading for a lot of calibers for me and friends. i have found only the .222 more forgiving than the .308 ( however the 300 win is the 308 equal; just my opinion) . get some I-4064 and some 165 balistic tips; or some 168 balistic silver tips and some lapua brass. roninflag
  6. Dead Beat

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    Oct 20, 2004
    mkg i was in the same boat as you about a 6 months ago . i ended getting the savage 12 bvss 308 win. for the same reason BB and the other said I'm not set up to reload yet I'm working on that . there is alot of match ammo for the 308 i put the action in a Joel Russo A5 Laminate stock bedded it and installed pillars its topped with a super sniper 10X scope farrel one piece base and burris xtr rings . I'm learning to use the clicks on the scope my goal is 700 yards with this set up !!i have about about $1200 in the rifle . with the match ammo it under 1/2 moa

  7. cjmousseau

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    May 5, 2009
    Just bought a rem 700sps in a 308 BBL rifle and i threw on a Osprey 10 - 40x50 mm Long Range Tactical Scope, Matte Black with a harris bipod and a uncle mikes Neoprene Buttstock Shell Holders and a tactical sling i put about $1,000 in everything so i was wondering if i should throw on a .308 VORTEX FLASH HIDER threw brownells and what ammo should i use. I just can't wait to go and shoot the thing it's going to be great
    best of luck

    Charles H Mousseau JR
  8. Michael Eichele

    Michael Eichele Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2003
    I agree with BB, try some federal gold medal match 168. This will inform you of your rifles potential. I also agree with others......trigger job, float the stock and bed it if you cannot afford to upgrade the stock. The 308 is a fine 600 yard deer rifle.

    Good luck and welcome!