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  1. etisll40

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    Jan 28, 2009
    Looking for an opinion on the Aimpoint 2 moa compact or scope version. Thinking about putting one on a woods type gun, maybe a 35 whelen or my 45-70. They look great for open sight type hunting. Also, for anyone that shoots open sights, where can I find some different options. I'd like to put different sights on my 30-30 and 308 MXLR lever actions. I don't like the buckhorn style or the hood on them.


    HARPERC Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2011
    I put a Burris Fastfire 11 on a Ruger 96/44. Still working out the kinks, but yes it has a place in the woods. I went kind of cheap about it, and that I think was a mistake.

    Depending on how committed you are about keeping it close, I think the combination I have is good to 100 yards. In a do over I'd get something that was not totally battery dependent.

    Positives are my old eyes pick it up better than irons. It retains the profile of why we have light quick handling guns in the first place. It seems like every new shooter I see has eye dominance issues, and these seem to minimize the time to having some success (fun) I like it better than the 2x EER I had mounted scout style on a 30-06 years ago. That worked better at 200 yards, but I think the eye relief is less critical, and contributes to better handling.

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    Feb 29, 2012
    Look at XS sights. They are a high visibility iron sight that work great in low light and are fast to pick up on a moving target. They use a ghost ring rear sight apeture and a ramp front sight. Aimpoints are another great opition I have one on my AR. They are fast and durable but more expensive. For a lever action I would take a serious look at the XS Sights.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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    Jan 31, 2008
    Xs and Williams sights come to mind, search brownells. You will pay more for the 2 moa aimpoint, than you would for a 4 moa version and with the ranges we hunt, you will never notice the difference in either round you mentioned. I have owned quite a few of the different aimpoints over the years, they are fast as hell, and you can shoot some very respectable groups with them as well. I have bought all of them used off gun boards or eBay, lots of nock offs out there so be careful.

    The aimpoint pro is a great deal, everything you will ever need, brand new for around 400$ With a 2 moa dot.

    I have a aimpoint compact in 4 moa on two different rifles and a 2x 5000 series on my rifles 20g 1100.

    We can get together her if you want to try one out.