Aguila Supermax = +9" @100yd!

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    Feb 26, 2012
    Last year I bought a brick of them, because my interest was peaked by the exceptional amount of heat (MV) they are claimed to carry (1750, IIRC). At the time, there wasn't much response to a post I had made asking others' opinions on how the rounds were performing for them. I guess they weren't on the market long enough at the time. So I said that I would post up my own results, after I shot some of them up. I haven't done too much shooting with them since then, but here is what I DiD up with:

    First of all, you can tell-by-the-smell (sound also), that they are not your average HV (1260 - 1290fps) rimfire rounds. They give off a very potent plasticy, highly "synthetic" sort of smell. Maybe that is due to the highly-bragged-up Eley prime charge that they use.

    Performance wise, they DO deliver. With the marlin sighted in at 50yd, using regular HV rounds, POI is about -3" at 100yd. If I then chamber a supermax and take a shot at 100yd, the POI will be at +6". That's a total of 9" of elevation gain! Uh, am I wrong to think that that is impressive?

    Accuracy wise, they are more finnicky when it comes to a dirty bore. That may be due to them being 6gr lighter than the standard HV rounds. With more frequent cleanings, accuracy is equal to or greater than the regular rounds, most notably at longer ranges.

    That's it for the time being. Terminal data will be provided as soon as some becomes available.
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    I'll reply here then. It's not the primer, it's the propellant. I shoot Wolf Match Extra/Eley primed in indoor pistol competition and the wolf's smell different than the Agulia so it's the propellant.

    The Agulia's are a dirty round, they gum up the works in short order if you are lax about cleaning but they are appreciably faster than the run off the mill Federal American Eagles. The Aguila's work real well in my 10-22 carbine for offing whistle pigs and other assorted smle game. I pull the action and clean it with brake cleaner regularly.

    I haven't purchased any rimfire rounds in about 3 years now. I have that many. I actually have a large surplus ammo can full of 22 rimfire rounds, about half Wolf Match Extra in 500 round bricks and the rest in Aguila Hyper Velocity and Federal American Eagle in bricks as well. Somewhere around 30,000 rounds, give or take.

    While I never anticipated the shortage or the price increases, I got a bulk buy deal so I bought a bunch. Glad I did.

    22's were not available for a long time and now they are stupid expensive, if you can get them. I saw some of those crappy remmy's that are noted for squib rounds for sale at 34 bucks a box of 500 rounds. You can't give me that crap, but then again, I don't need any.

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    How’s the case length compare to that of a standard or HV round? I’m thinking there’s something hyper from Aquila using a longer case to stoke a short & light bullet, ‘bout like Stinger’s, where they gits crowded in and are thus a no-no for use in Bentz or Bentz like chambers such as those of my Fred, GM, and Kidd barrels.