9MM and 38/357 bullets for sale***SPF***

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    Mar 15, 2009
    I have a couple of lots of bullets up for sale.

    Lot 1- 500 125 Gr SJHP 38 special Remington Bullets. $65.00

    Lot 2- 300 115 Gr Remington jacketed hollow point 9MM bullets,and 100 9MM once fired casings cleaned deprimed and tumbled $45.00

    Lot 3- 150 125 Gr SJHP remington 38/357 Bullets. $25.00

    All of these prices are to your door,and If you see aprice and don't like it PM or send me an email at rlight2@verizon.net and see if we can come to a price. Thanks
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