6.5 wsm ?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by splattermatic, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. splattermatic

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    Nov 15, 2006
    i tried a search, but too short. so i'll ask here.

    i have a remmy .243 hb, that has been a long time friend. (22 years)
    but i am thinking of doing a 6.5 wsm on it.

    where, oh, where, can i find info on this ?
    i would like to launch 140 gr. bullets, but what should i expect from this wsm variant ?
    .264 mag velocities ?
    am i barking up the wrong tree, and just stick to a .260 so no mods have to be made to my remmy sa ??
    i really do like the .260, but out here in the wild west, bigger is always better to some extent.

    any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. gunner45

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    Dec 10, 2007
    I'm shooting a 6.5 WSM this year, and I love it. I shoot the 140 amax. I have shot numerous whitails, hogs, and Javalinas. It kills like a lightning bolt. Expect 3200-3250 fps. I'm getting 3270 out of a 26" barrel but will probably drop the charge a little. Pressure signs:rolleyes: H1000 or Retumbo works good in it.


  3. 338hammer

    338hammer Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2008

    1. Bolt head has to be machined and a different extraction system installed. I am not even sure it will work without altering the magazine well.
    2. If you do not mind a single shot you could rechamber to 6.5X06 or various chambers off this.
    3. Savage allows one to change the bolt head as I have done this in my Strikers. Had to cut the threads out of the action and re-thread to a larger barrel shank as well. Works great and is simply.

    4. If it were me I would re-chamber to the 6.5 X 284. You will get at least a couple hundred feet per second velocity and cases and dies are readily available.

  4. sambo3006

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    Jul 30, 2004
    My 6.5 WSM produces velocities similar to gunner45. I am shooting the 140 gr Sierra spitzer boat tail game king out of a 26" 9 twist Lilja barrel. 65.5 gr of H1000 in necked Norma 270 WSM brass gives me 3215 fps. Virtually the short action equivalent of the 264 WM. The 6.5-284 sounds like an excellent idea as well. Brass is available from (I believe) Norma and I would think a new barrel and only minor feed rail mods would be necessary.

    Best of luck!