416 VM Test

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  1. Black Diamond 408

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    Sep 6, 2003
    I got some time this morning to test my new toy the 416 VM rifle with the ABS carbon barrel.
    I formed up some brass and loaded them with 145 of US869 pushing a 400grn Barnes TSX bullet.
    This i figured would be a light load for this bore size but didnt want to over do the forming process. It was cold and windy this morning so there was no dilly dallying on the bench. I bore sighted the target at 100yds, let go a round and yes the loads are light. 2900fps on the chrony.
    The bullet landed on target left of center so i left the scope as is for now. I put up a fresh target
    and fired three more. Aver speeds were 2935 fps


    Three shots cut a nice ragged hole. This barrel is very easy to clean, Benchmark did a very good job on the liner under the carbon wrapping.

    As soon as i get more brass formed i will start the main testing with these bullets and some other
    high BC bullets.

  2. Joel Russo

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    Jul 5, 2006

    Cold and windy, fire forming brass, and way below the velocity potential of this cartridge....

    Turn up the heat with that thing, stretch it's legs, and show us some more...

  3. Ernie

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Sounds like quite a hoss you have there.
    Any pics of the rig itself?