3rd Gen Shootings Swarovski Scope Sale!!!

Discussion in 'Optics For Sale' started by lerch, Jun 15, 2009.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Swarovski recently announced that they are discontinuing there AV and PH scope line to focus solely on the Z3, Z5 and Z6 line. We have bought up alot of there discontinued scopes to sell at a bargain. With the recent craziness i have sold many of these scopes before i had a chance to put them on the forum, but we do have a few left :D

    If you are interested in one please call the number below or go on our site and order. You can PM or email a order but there is no guarantee i will get that order before i may get a online order for the same product.

    IF you have any questions just give me or Bill Bailey a holler at the number below.

    AV Series 3-9x36mm 1" tube Plex Reticle $759.99--2 in stock--#52040
    AV Series 4-12x50mm 1" tube Plex Reticle $909.99--1 in stock--#52035
    AV Series 3-10x42mm 1" tube BR Reticle $909.99--1 in stock--#52028
    AV Series 4-12x50mm 1" tube BT Plex Reticle $989.99--1 in stock--#52032
    PH Series 3-12x50mm 30mm Tube Plex Reticle $1399.00--2 in stock--#57085
    AV Series 4-12x50mm 1" Tube BR Reticle $969.99--1 in stock--#52033
    PH Series 4-16x50mm 30mm Tube TDS-4 Reticle $1609.00--2 in stock--#57222
    PH Series 4-16x50mm 30mm Tube Plex $1569.99--1 in stock--#57221
    PH Series 4-16x50mm 30mm Tube BR Reticle $1609.99--1 in stock--#57227
    AV Series 6-18x50mm 1" Tube Plex Reticle $989.99--1 in stock--#52045
    AV Series 6-18x50mm BR Reticle $1049.99--1 in stock--#52048
    AV Series 6-18x50mm BT Plex $1069.99--1 in stock--#52042

    Again if you have any questions or anything just give us a holler at 1-800-522-3314.

    Thanks guys