.358 Win Factory ammo

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    Dec 3, 2010
    I have the following hard to find factory .358 Win ammo for sale in 1 lot only.

    5 boxes (silver box) of Winchester 200gr silvertips. One box has 10 rounds, the other boxes are full. 90 rounds total.

    2 boxes (older yellow box) of Winchester 200gr silvertips. Both boxes are full. 40 rounds total.

    1 box of Wisconsin Cartridge Corp. 200gr rem round nose soft point core lokt (RNSPCL). Full box, 20 rounds total.

    Total boxes: 8 (1 box is half full). Total round count for all the boxes is 150. Boxes are not torn and are in good shape.

    $350.00 plus $30.00 shipping