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    Nov 25, 2004
    Thanks to everyone for the 338 cartridge information. It has been most helpful. I have a 300RUM built on a Nesika action and Lilja 3 groove barrel. It has been a fun rifle to work with. My best handloading efforts have resulted in finding a wonderful load to push the Barnes 180 XLC around 3300 fts with under 1 inch groups at 300 yards. I have a love/hate relationship with that bullet. When it shoots it's a wonderful hunting bullet but getting it to shoot accurately can be frustrating. I would like to go to the next level and get 3400 fps out of a 250-300 grain bullet. Thus my interest in the various 338 customs. What repeating action is available to work with the big 338 magnums? I like the nesika action and have read many good comments about the lawson action. I also think borden is now selling his actions for outside custom work. And what about magazine setup? Does anyone make a detachable that will work with the 338 allen mag? I like the hs precision detachable magazine and have it on several hunting rifles. Will it work on these longer cartridges? Keeping these rifles between 12-15 lbs for ridge hunting seems ideal. Thanks for your input. RP
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    Right now the best receiver options for the 338 Allen Magnum are from Lawton Machine with their M8000 receiver and from BAT which offers several models with the 408 CT bolt face which is needed.

    Barney Lawton told me that he offers a repeating model of the M8000 which is set up to use the EDM magazine boxes I believe he said. I also think he told me Bruce Baer was making bottom metal for these repeating designs but I may have been mistaken on that.

    There is no way the HS will accept a 338 Allen Mag case. No where near big enough in any dimension.

    You will be very hard pressed to keep a 338 AM chambered rifle under 15 lbs in a repeating rifle. Only real practical option is for a single shot rifle if you want this weight range. If you want to get into the 12 lb range you will need something pretty exotic in the barrel such as an ABS carbon wrapped barrel but I still personally feel this is pretty light for this type of rifle. I recommend at least 32" of barrel length with this wildcat.

    Kirby Allen(50)